Some of life’s most enjoyable moments are free. Whether that’s spending quality time with your loved ones, exploring the beauty of the earth, or even something as simple as a good night’s rest. That’s why we’ve found these 3 free things to do in Murphys, CA while you’re staying at the Dunbar House Inn.

1. Logging, Lumbering, & Learning

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture
is like a tree without roots.” —Marcus Garvey

One of the best ways to learn about a place and its people is first to learn the history. Sierra Nevada Logging Museum has been providing visitors and locals alike with the rich history of Arnold, CA, less than 20 minutes from Murphys. The displays within the museum take you back to the mid-1800s and reveal the history of the logging and lumbering industry. It also shares the economic, social, cultural, and environmental effects of this work on the surrounding areas and its residents. You’ll also enjoy exploring the seven acres of heavily forested hillsides elevated at 4,000 feet surrounding the beautiful White Pines Lake.

2. Artists, Jewelers, & More

Within the last few years, communities around the world have been striving more than ever to support their local businesses and artists. Murphys is certainly one of them. Located just a short distance from the Dunbar House Inn is one of Murphey’s newest additions to the town’s rich collection of shop fronts, Art on Main. Established in 2012, the contemporary fine art gallery is dedicated to the promotion of artists from Calaveras County and surrounding areas. We know you’ll enjoy perusing the abundant variety of creativity displayed throughout the building. 33 artists have been selected to show their artwork which includes oils, watercolors, pastels, etchings, photography, sculpture, glass, textiles, and even jewelry. How special it could be to buy a unique postcard or piece of jewelry you can’t find at your local outlets. Rather you could return home with both a memory and a souvenir that you can frame or wear.

3. Extra Virgin, Fruit, & Herbs

For a unique experience, visit the Marisolio Tasting Bar. This locally-owned shop offers award-winning 100% extra virgin olive oils, whole fruit and herb-fused olive oils, and balsamic vinegar. The owners have carefully curated these flavors made by artisans worldwide. Just walk in and your senses will be filled with pleasant aromas. You can taste test any of the oils before you make a purchase. Best of all, if there’s no room in your suitcase for your favorite flavor, you can have it shipped back to your home. What a tasty souvenir to commemorate your stay in Murphys.

Relax and Unwind

After an eventful day of history, art, and oil tastings, you can be sure that the only thing to top those 3 free things to do near Murphys, CA is relaxing in your luxurious room at the Dunbar House Inn. Find the comfort of home mixed with the high-end amenities you look forward to on vacation when you book your stay with us this summer or any time of the year.

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