Have you ever heard of the beautiful beasts known as Giant Sequoias? California is home to these remarkable trees that have become a famous tourist attraction around the world. Do you want to be next to explore the sequoias? Let us be your guide to Calaveras Big Trees State Park. A park that has become a haven for native wildlife species and a tourist favorite over the 80+ years since its establishment. You won’t want to miss it during your stay at Dunbar House Inn!

History & Activities

In 1852, a man named Augustus T. Dowd recorded the first Sierra Redwood Tree. Some know her as “Discovery Tree” and others as “Big Stump.” This marvelous tree became the starting point for establishing Calaveras Big Tree State Park in 1931 to help preserve the North Grove of Giant Sequoias. Since then the park has become the longest continuously operated tourist facility in California! Open 6am – 10pm year-round, this paradise park offers several miles of established trails for hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and several other seasonal activities. Your leashed dogs are also welcome in the park in designated areas. And if you’re looking for unforgettable hikes through the sequoias, you’ll want to head over to the South Grove which offers a stunning 5-mile hiking trip.

2022 Dogwood Festival

After waiting 2 ½ years through the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Dogwood Festival makes its highly anticipated return! On May 14 from 11am – 3pm, hundreds of visitors gather to take advantage of an exciting afternoon of activities, education, and exploration during the bloom of the dogwood trees. With a purchase of a ticket to this event, you can experience a carriage ride through the towering trees, listen to live music, watch a light launch, enjoy a wine tasting featuring Newsome Harlow wines, and even receive a souvenir wine glass! 

Museum, Bookstore & Gift Shop

During your visit to Calaveras Big Tree State Park, you’ll want to make a pit stop at the visitor center! This building contains a museum, bookstore, and gift shop all in one. The museum alone contains large and small animals on display that you could see around the park, hands-on educational experiences about wildlife, as well as artistic props and displays, to teach you about the history of the park. The gift shop and bookstore are combined to give you an opportunity to purchase a unique park-related gift or souvenir as well as books, t-shirts, puzzles, and much more to bring home after your visit. 

Astronomy Nights

Every month, sometimes twice a month, Calaveras Big Tree State Park hosts an astronomy night! This evening under the stars is located at the Scenic Overlook and gives you and your family a chance to appreciate the beauty above. The next astronomy night is being held on May 26 from 8pm – 10pm. Volunteers from the park will relay the history and tell stories about the park while you gaze at the twinkling constellations. Two telescopes and astronomical binoculars will also be available to pass around to give you a closer look at the dazzling stars, planets, and our moon. They will even have a 40” monitor connected to a webcam on the telescope so everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy a detailed, nighttime display.


After a long day of observing natural beauty using your guide to Calaveras Big Tree State Park, you will sigh with satisfaction as you collapse happily into your luxurious bed here at Dunbar House Inn. Our guestrooms provide the comfort and privacy you and your loved one will relish.  We look forward to hosting you and adding to your California experience when you book your stay with us.

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