Professionals have been telling us for ages that taking a vacation, especially one centered around the outdoors, is beneficial for your overall health and well-being. So why not take a break from the same old routine while being refreshed by mother nature? To get you started, we’ve picked these 4 outdoor activities near Murphys, CA for you and your family to partake in while vacationing with us at the Dunbar House Inn. 

Exploring Mercer Caverns

In 1885 Walter J. Mercer discovered Mercer Caverns. What was once home to a Native American family of the Mi-Wuk tribe some 2,000 years ago is now a grand tourist attraction in Calaveras County. You and your family will love exploring this 3,389 ft. long cave, delving 192 ft. beneath the surface. The cavern is open 9am-5pm Thursday – Monday. Ticket prices start at $13 for kids aged 3-12 and $20 for adults. And if you’re looking for something extra to do post-cave-tour, Mercer Caverns offers a gem-mining experience so you and your young ones can experience firsthand what it’s like to mine for minerals in a mining sluice. You can even take home your treasures! And after your tour, you can also go to the Visitors Center & Store to look at old photographs of Mercer Caverns and bring back a souvenir from your underground experience.

Hiking in Calaveras Big Tree State Park

Calaveras was made a state park in 1931 in an effort to protect the largest trees on Earth: giant sequoias. People travel from around the world to visit California parks like Calaveras to see these massive trees. If you’re interested in an up-close experience, the South Grove of Calaveras park contains a stunning 5-mile hike through dozens of sequoias. You and your family will love exploring this remarkable forest, even having the opportunity to walk through a giant hollowed tree! The park is open year-round and offers plenty of activities and facilities to enrich your park experience. Depending on the season, you will enjoy hiking, swimming, snow-shoeing, fishing, or cross-country skiing at Calaveras Big Tree State Park.

Recreation at Bear Valley Resort

Skiing and kayaking and biking… Oh my! Bear Valley Resort is known for offering a wide variety of recreational activities year-round. From relaxing in the heated pool by the cozy lodge during the summer to snowmobiling over white-capped mountains during the winter. The resort has hiking and biking trails, slopes for winter sports of all kinds, and is also settled near stunning Lake Alpine where you can kayak, fish, and even whitewater raft.

Climb with California Rock Guides

If ‘climb more, worry less’ is a motivation you could, or maybe already do live by, then you’ll be enthralled by the excellency that is California Rock Guides. Located in Bear Valley about 45 minutes from Dunbar house, this adventure is one well-worth having! Three climbing companies with over 40 years of experience have come together to create California Rock Guides, which is helping people tackle rock climbing for the first time or taking pre-experienced climbers on new and exciting treks. The company offers an introduction to rock climbing, a full day Gym to Crag climb, and even a family rock climbing trip! They provide your gear and your guide so all you need to do is show up ready to rock.

A Relaxing Stay

Whether summer, winter, or a season in between, you can surely find a way to unwind and reset via one of these 4 outdoor activities near Murphys, CA. And don’t forget to book your rejuvenating stay at the Dunbar House Inn! After a long day of being outdoors, you will love relaxing in one of our six luxurious guest rooms. Book now!

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