It’s no secret that Calaveras County is home to some amazing wineries, but with so many to visit, the smaller vineyards and tasting rooms often fly under the radar. To learn all about the unique varietals in Murphys, along with the dedicated local winemakers that produce them, take a look at our list of 5 smaller wineries in Murphys, CA you must visit.

#1 – Brice Station Vineyards

Brice Station Vineyards is a small, rustic winery that has been part of the Murphys community since 1993. One of the highest elevation vineyards in the state, this family-owned and operated vineyard is known for producing an elegant variety of red wines. Their red blends are particularly unique, with complex and unforgettable flavor profiles. This scenic vineyard also hosts summer concerts from May to September, so visitors can sip, grab a bite to eat, and cut loose on the dance floor. 

#2 – Locke Vineyards

Another family-owned operation with deep roots in the Calaveras county community, Locke Vineyards is a must-see for anyone visiting Murphys. These eco-conscious winemakers are dedicated to creating a legacy of excellent wines without disrupting the incredible landscape they call home. In addition to the vineyard, this estate is home to an elegant lavender and herb farm used to create unique handmade products for their shop. Tastings are by appointment only, so make sure to book online before you visit. 

#3 – Indian Rock Vineyards

This scenic winery is as rich in atmosphere as it is in flavor. Indian Rock typically offers about 20 unique varieties of authentic California wine, and their expert winemaker Marco Capelli is a classically trained enologist with a passion for his craft. Only a mile from downtown Murphys, this winery is an excellent place to spend a tranquil afternoon. Visitors can roam the estate vineyards, relax on the lawn, or settle down by the pond and feed the local rainbow trout.

#4 – Boyle MacDonald Winery

Winemaker Kate Boyle MacDonald uses only the highest quality grapes from some of the best vineyards in California, from Napa to El Dorado to our very own Calaveras county. Boyle MacDonald produces traditional wines with an elegant and balanced finish, and their tasting room on Main Street offers a rustic and inviting atmosphere with rooftop seating. Pianist Graham Richards plays at Boyle MacDonald every other Friday night, so make sure you stop in to enjoy a flight along with some live music. 

#5 – Mineral Wines

Viticulturist Brett and his wife Andrea opened Mineral Wines in 2012, and these winemakers take their craft seriously. Their home vineyard lies in a dry riverbed, and while the rough soil and hot climate make planting a challenge, it produces some incredible results. Mineral Wines is dedicated to producing true California-style wines, with each varietal perfectly crafted to suit its expected characteristics. You can sample these elegant and complex flavors for yourself at their tasting room, conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Murphys. 

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